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Tap n’ Go Transport Service Launched.

21st Feb 2024 | PR UNIT

The Vice President, H.E. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has launched the Tap n’ Go transport service introduced by the Metro Mass Transit Limited (MMTL). The launch signifies a significant leap in enhancing efficiency, safety, and convenience for commuters across the nation.

The Vice President said that the Tap n’ Go system is an outstanding innovation for the country, consolidating all public transportation on a single platform. Over time, commuters can board the trotro, be able to tap and go, exit the trotro and go on a bus and still be able to tap and go. One should be able to board any form of public transport by using a card to tap and go service.

 “We are getting a new train. We will introduce tap and go to the rail transportation using the same card. Same card for public road transportation in Ghana. This is the revolutionary aspect of what we are doing today”, the Vice President added.

He stated that the launch of the Tap and Go service, further underlines the country’s commitment to embracing technology for the betterment of the nation, adding to the number of digital interventions that have been pursued over the past seven years not only to make access to the public sector easier but also to address many issues in our society including corruption.

He noted that, since the introduction of the service, financial leakages had been blocked and the revenue generated by the 200 buses on the Tap n’ Go service, exceeds the revenue from 500 buses. He mentioned that the income generated by tapping and going is instantly deposited into Metro Mass Transit’s bank account. This will make banks more likely to give funding for new buses since they will know that any loan, they issue will be serviced from the account of MMTL.

The vice President revealed that the Tap n’ Go card can be loaded with mobile money and if a commuter wants to redraw money from the card it can be done as well.

The Minister for Transport, Hon. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah addressing the gathering expressed his profound gratitude to His Excellency the Vice President for his unwavering support and underscored the historic importance of the occasion. He highlighted the pivotal role of MMTL in providing affordable and reliable bus services, particularly in remote areas acknowledging the challenges the organization has faced over the years, including service unreliability and ticketing malpractices.

He said introducing the “Tap n’ Go” service, a pioneering digital platform, aimed to revolutionize public transport services by simplifying the passenger experience while ensuring safety and security. Each bus, he added, will be equipped with a comprehensive manifest system to capture passenger details, enhancing security and enabling swift response to emergencies. Additionally, state-of-the-art cameras further bolster security measures, providing real-time monitoring and response capabilities.

The Minister lauded the dedicated team behind the development and rollout of the system, emphasizing their commitment, creativity, and expertise in realizing the vision of digital innovation. He also commended the government's ongoing efforts to modernize the transport sector, to position Ghana at the forefront of digital revolution.

Recognizing the socio-economic importance of an efficient transport system, Hon. Ofori Asiamah, stressed the need for continued investment highlighting the importance of road safety. While the “Tap n’ Go” service and initiatives such as Transport-Ghana aimed at monitoring driver behaviour, he urged all stakeholders to remain vigilant and disciplined on the roads to mitigate accidents and ensure public safety.

He called on the public to support the government's transformative journey stating that with the launch of “Tap n’ Go,” a new standard for public transport services was set, promising to drive positive change and enhance the overall user experience.

The launch of the “Tap n’ Go” transport service represents a turning point in Ghana's public transport landscape, heralding a future of efficiency, safety and convenience for all commuters.