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28th Nov 2023 | PR UNIT

The Minister for Transport, Hon. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, has emphasized Ghana's steadfast commitment to a sustainable and secure maritime future, and how highly Ghana values participation in the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) maritime agenda and the opportunities it offers to collaborate, share knowledge, and collectively shape the future of the global shipping industry

Highlighting the urgent need to confront climate change, the Minister underlined the undeniable evidence of increasing temperatures, extreme weather events, and ecosystem disruptions. He stressed that failing to take immediate action would burden future generations and called for concerted efforts by all states and industries to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Ghana's commitment to supporting the green transition in shipping was evident through active participation in the development and support of the 2023 IMO Greenhouse Gas (GHG) strategy”, he added.

The Minister speaking at the 33rd Session of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) assembly at the IMO HQ, emphasized the need for a just transition and declared Ghana's commitment to ensuring that no nation is left behind, especially considering the economic disparities among states.

He cited Ghana's role in hosting the first green shipping event on the African continent as evidence of the country’s dedication to addressing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by developing countries during the green transition.

Hon. Ofori Asiamah announced the successful ratification of the Cape Town Agreement, showcasing Ghana's commitment to international maritime safety standards and our dedication to safety and security at sea.

On piracy, the Minister assured that Ghana remains resolute in eradicating piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. While Ghana's waters were currently secure, he emphasized active collaboration with neighbouring countries to enhance maritime security across the broader Gulf of Guinea region.

He further urged responsible and accurate reporting of piracy incidents to prevent unwarranted increases in insurance premiums, which could burden the population by driving up the cost of essential goods.

The Hon. Minister mentioned that Ghanaian seafarers' were skilled and prepared to make significant contributions to maritime operations and ready to support the shipping industry globally.

Hon. Ofori Asiamah reiterated Ghana's unwavering dedication to international cooperation in maritime affairs and expressed optimism about collaborating with all member states to navigate challenges and lead the way toward a better, safer, and more environmentally responsible maritime future.

He acknowledged the vital role the IMO plays in shaping the global shipping industry and expressed gratitude to the outgoing Secretary-General Mr. Kitack Lim for his dedicated service. He extended his congratulations to the Secretary-General elect, Mr. Arsenio Dominguez, pledging Ghana’s collaboration for the advancement of IMO's goals.