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Ghana and Ukraine to Strengthen Ties in the Transport Sector

11th Apr 2023 | PR UNIT

The Ukrainian Minister for Agrarian Policy and Food has held a meeting with Officials of The Ministry of Transport to discuss strategic partnerships and collaborations in the transport sector. The meeting highlighted the longstanding relationship between the two countries and explored other avenues for further development in key areas of the transport sector.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of His Excellency the President of the Republic and the people of Ghana, a Deputy Minister for Transport, Hon. Fredrick Obeng Adom welcomed the Ukrainian delegation and commended the Ukrainian Government for its continuous support and cooperation.

He noted that of particular interest was the flourishing export and import of various products between the two countries. Manganese Ore, Aluminium Ore, Cocoa Beans, Hot-Rolled Iron Bars, Seed Oils, and Raw Iron Bars have been key commodities in this trade relationship. This economic collaboration has fostered economic growth and strengthened the bond between Ghana and Ukraine.

Ghana's strategic position as a maritime and aviation gateway in West Africa was a focal point of discussion during the meeting. Hon. Obeng Adom highlighted the extensive infrastructure development that has transformed the country's seaports. The Tema Port, in particular, now stood as one of the deepest, largest, and most technologically advanced container terminals in the sub-region.

The Takoradi Port, he added, was currently undergoing modernization, which aims to enhance its capacity to handle container and general cargo, including dry bulk, liquid bulk, and containerized shipments to and from Ghana. The recent completion of a new Dry Bulk Terminal, boasting state-of-the-art ship loaders and eco-hopper with an impressive loading speed, has further contributed to the port's capabilities. Additionally, a 14-meter-deep liquid bulk terminal, equipped with automated loading arms and a firefighting system, had been successfully established.

He further mentioned there were plans for the construction of a 3rd Commercial Deep Sea Port in Keta, located in the South Eastern part of the country, as a testament to Ghana's ambition to further enhance its maritime industry.

In the aviation sector, the Deputy Minister said, Ghana was currently upgrading two domestic airports, Kumasi and Tamale, to international status. This expansion included the construction of new terminal buildings and runway extensions. Furthermore, the feasibility study for a new airport in the Central Region or Western Region or in between the two Regions was nearing completion, indicating Ghana's determination to meet the increasing demand for air travel and improve its aviation infrastructure.

Recognizing the importance of inland waterways, he noted Ghana aims to position the Volta Lake as a major transport artery connecting the Southern and Northern parts of the country. In line with this vision, a rail project linking the Port of Tema to the Volta Lake was expected to be completed this year, facilitating the efficient movement of passengers and cargo.

Addressing shared goals of food security and economic development, Hon. Obeng Adom highlighted the government’s flagship agricultural program called "Planting for Food and Jobs." This initiative he added, focuses on promoting food security, ensuring the availability of selected crops, and creating employment opportunities. Various programs under this campaign, such as Food Crops (PFJ), Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD), Greenhouse Technology Villages, Rearing for Food and Jobs (RFJ), and Agricultural Mechanization Services (AMSECs), have been implemented to achieve these objectives.

The Deputy Minister expressed confidence that these agricultural interventions would align with Ukraine's efforts to establish grain hubs in the region, ultimately bolstering food security.

The Ukrainian Minister also mentioned that Ukraine wanted to expand its frontiers and would be discussing the construction of a grain terminal at the Tema Port to store grain and also help bring more grains to help reduce the cost of grains in the country. He added Ukraine was ready to assist Ghana with all the expertise to do the necessary feasibility studies.

Both Ministers expressed their willingness to engage further to discuss subject areas, paving the way for deeper cooperation and collaboration in the transport sector between Ghana and Ukraine.