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11th Mar 2023 | MoT PRO

The Ministry of Transport has organized its first Transport Sector Health Walk with its Agencies for 2023. The walk was to promote physical healthy growth, inter-agency interactions, foster cordial working relationships and improve the well-being of staff in the transport sector. The walk took place through the University of Ghana, Legon, campus.
The event also sought to create awareness of some of the sector's programmes and projects, particularly road safety. It was to make staff and the general public understand the need and importance of issues on road safety and staying alive.
The Director of Human Resource Management and Development (HRMD), of the Ministry, Mr. Nathaniel Amonoo Wilson, who led the walk, speaking on behalf of the Chief Director, said, it was important for all to take personal healthy growth important and pay attention to it.
He said the work of staff was often stressful and because of that there was the need for regular exercises by staff to keep them fit and healthy to be able to do their work effectively. He said a healthy body gives mental stability and fortitude towards work.
Mr. Wilson encourage staff and all who had joined in the walk to take issues on road safety seriously and adhere to regulations when driving. He noted that it was necessary for everybody who called him or herself a driver to first of all get a valid driving license from the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) who would have taken them through proper testing before giving them the requisite license to use before they drove.
He added that divers needed to learn the road signs to help them understand them when they see the signs on the road.
He urged drivers to drive within the stipulated limits on the roads and not over speed. He mentioned that a good driver was one that had driven to his or her destination safely.
He encouraged the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) and the DVLA to continue the good works they were doing to reduce road accidents and equip drivers to stay safe on our roads.
Mr. Wilson also assured participants that the Ministry was doing its best to improve safety on our roads, within our airspace and on our sea and waterways. 
He commended all the Agencies that were present and other participants that had joined the walk along the way and admonished all to remain safe in person and on our roads and urged them to always make themselves available anytime such activities were being held within the sector.