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11th Feb 2021 | PR UNIT

Deputy Minister for Transport, Hon. Frederick Obeng Adom has called on the Ghana Airport Company and the British Airways Limited to improve on information sharing and deepen collaborations to foster an effective working environment for better service delivery to their customers.

He said without collaboration and sharing of necessary information, the two companies would always not agree on issues that ordinarily could have been solved without the intervention of the Ministry.

The Deputy Minister made this call when he met with some officials of the Ghana Airport Company and the British Airways Limited.

The British Airways had alleged that the bag carrier at the airport had not been working raising some security concerns for their customers at the airport. They said they would also be happy if the Airport Company would engage them more on measures being put in place to solve some challenges at the airport.

They mentioned they were ready to give their customers more improved services but needed the support and assistance of the Airport Company to be able to achieve this in full.

Hon. Obeng Adom addressing the officials, told them, both companies needed to deepen their engagement if they wanted to work amicably. He added it would not profit any of them if they stuck to working without consulting each other on some vital issues.

He urged the Management of the Ghana Airport Company not to wait for there to be issues before conferring with the airlines but on a regular, liaise with them to know if there were any issues they were facing and share ideas.

To the British Airways, the Deputy Minister said the Airline should also not always wait for the Airport Company to call on them before they approach them on any issues they faced. He noted the two companies were to work together to make their customers feel comfortable anytime they were traveling in or out of the country. “You need to create a friendlier and enabling environment for interactions so that at any time any of you want to engage each other, it would be easier for you”, he added.

Mr. Yaw Kwakwa, the MD for the Ghana Airport Company, in a brief statement noted he was surprised the British Airways still had such concerns and didn’t bring it to his attention directly for them to have a relook at it but brought it to the Ministry, because, they were concerns they had in the past and had some engagements on and if there were still issues, they should have come back and brought it to his attention for action to be taken.

That notwithstanding, he promised he was going to deepen engagement with the various airlines so that issues that can be easily resolved are not brought to the Ministry.