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21st Jan 2022 | PR UNIT

The Ministry of Transport as part of staff skills development, has facilitated skill acquisition in soap making for staff. This was to provide useful skills for staff outside office hours that can bring staff extra income aside their normal salaries.

The Ag. Chief Director of the Ministry, Mrs. Mabel Sagoe, opening the training session, noted, the idea to have a skill apart from what staff did at work was a good one. She said it would help staff have other sources of income to support their monthly salaries to further lessen their financial burdens.

Mrs. Sagoe encouraged staff to take interest in the training, because it would be of great benefit to them as it could be the beginning of big companies for some of the staff that would take the training serious and start working with it.

Mr. Ebenezer Ashiteye, who was the resource person, outlined some of the items for the soap making, such as, water, booster, base, thickener, preservative, colour, flavour and salt.

He took staff through the step-by-step preparation of liquid soap and after gave staff the opportunity to try their hands at it.

All staff present were happy and appreciative of the skill development opportunity given to them by the Ministry to improve their wellbeing.