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24th Oct 2021 | PR UNIT

GLOVOAPP Ghana Limited, a technological platform that enables users to connect with vendors and service providers though courier, has announced they would be investing a total of 60 million dollars in Africa over the next 3 years and was interested in establishing a long-term presence in Ghana and helping other SMEs to grow and create more job opportunities.

This was made known when the company paid a courtesy call on the Ministry of Transport to Introduce themselves to the Ministry and the Minister. Their visit was to also inform the Ministry of their entry into the Ghanaian market and their activities.

A Deputy Minister for Transport, Hon. Hassan Tampuli who hosted the team led by the Co-founder Sacha Michaud, welcomed them into the Ghanaian market and urged them to train their bikers well so they not fall foul of the Ghanaian laws.

He said they should liaise with the police, National Road Safety Authority and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority so that all the documentation and training that is needed to make them run effectively is done.

The Deputy Minister implored the company to make sure that all the necessary paper works that had to do with appropriate registrations and licensing were taken seriously and done to forestall their bikers from being arrested so it does not bring them bad business.

He assured them government through the Ministry was ready to help private companies grow for them to in turn help boost the economy and because of that, the Ministry was ready to provide all the needed assistance to the company to see them grow.

The Co-founder of the company Sacha Michaud, said GLOVOAPP Ghana Limited was a subsidiary of the Spanish company with its headquarters in Barcelona.

He stated since March that they came to Ghana, they had received a positive welcome which encouraged them that they would have good business in the country.

Mr. Sacha Michaud noted they basically operate their courier services through the Glovoapp which could assist any customer get their required services anywhere within Accra. He added there were plans of extending their services to Kumasi in November and to other parts of the country as soon as possible.

He mentioned, since they run basically on courier services, it was appropriate they introduced themselves to the Ministry for them to be able to deal directly with the Ministry.

They announced they were not going to use only motor bikes to run their courier services but would also be making use of bicycles to deliver services to their clients, which was a new initiative they were introducing.