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Monitoring and Evaluation

To provide technical leadership for monitoring and evaluation of policies, plans and programmes of the sector.


  • Leads and directs the monitoring and evaluation of programmes, projects and financial performance of the transport sector agencies and departments in order to achieve the vision, objectives and targets of the sector.
  • Plans and directs the overall organization, operations services and resources of the M & E Directorate.
  • Ensures there exists innovative, flexible and smart cross-government/sector monitoring and evaluation systems, processes and procedures to support the ministry’s policy and programmes.
  • Identifies gaps or deficiencies in the sector policy plan and programmes and initiate strategies to address and rectify them.
  • Ensures the provision of monitoring and evaluation findings to advice policy formulation and budget preparation, as well as issues management advice to the Minister, Deputy Minister and Chief Director
  • Design the development of mechanism to measure sector policy and strategy effectiveness.
  • Plans and directs a continuous sector Stakeholders, Development Partners and cross-government engagement and linkages.
  • Ensures that Sector Ministerial policies are appropriately implemented by the sector agencies and departments.