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Policy Planning & Monitoring and Evaluation

To provide technical leadership for the preparation, design and implementation of sustainable strategic and corporate planning, costing and budgeting.


  • Leads the preparation and collation of plans emanating from ministry’s policies and objectives of the sector and facilitate the development and determination of strategies and priorities.
  • Ensures the development of the Ministry’s policies for the establishment and operation of planning and budgeting unit in all implementing agencies in the sector.
  • Facilitates the integration of the plans and programmes of all implementing agencies in the sector into a well defined national plane.
  • Develops short, medium and long term plans and projects for the sector for international funding.
  • Develops strategies and corrective measures for transport network activities for implementation in the sector.
  • Evolves appropriate market-testing to promote the application of effective competitive tendering procedure.
  • Ensures that there exists innovative, flexible and smart cross government/sector policy planning systems processes and procedures to support the ministry’s policy programs.
  • Overcome the building and development of transport subject expertise and capacity required to undertake and support the sector PPB system, processes, procedures and guidelines.
  • Plan and direct the overall organization, operations, services and resources of the PPB Directorate.
  • Identify gape or deficiencies in the sector policy plans and programmes and initiate strategies to address and rectify them.
  • Provide advice to the ministry’s Sector Departments Agencies and Enterprises to enhance better alignment between sector policies, plans and programmes.
  • Designs the development of mechanisms to measure sector policy and strategy effectiveness.
  • Plane and direct continuous sector Stakeholders, Development Partners and cross-government engagement and linkages.
  • Ensures that Sector Ministerial policies are backed up by appropriate legislations/regulations.
  • Manages the performance of staff in the Directorate.