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The Minister for Transport, Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, has toured some projects being undertaken by the Ministry in the Western Region to acquaint himself with progress of the projects.

He started his tour from the Axim landing beach where he was informed the work was 70% complete because the onshore works had been done and land of about 180 meters had been reclaimed to make way for facilities like offices and toilets to be built around the landing beach.

The Minister appreciated the work being done by the contractors, noting that even though covid-19 struct in 2020 and slowed down progress of the construction, the contractor they had done some good work on the site.

He added the contractors should not be complacent on the rest of work to be done because the ministry would not hesitate sanctioning them if there was no value for money in the rest of the work to be done.

The Minister instructed the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority to monitor the works being done so that the Country gets the needed value for money.

The Minister continued his tour to the Dixcove landing site where the works on going was also about 70% done because onshore works were near completion.

The Minister was informed of some properties around the landing beach which needed to be demolished but the owners were being recalcitrant in moving.

He encouraged the contractors to go into some negotiations with the property owners so the properties can be demolished for work to progress on the site.

He later met some of the property owners and employed them to corporate with the contractors so they are relocated for the ongoing works to continue to forestall any further details of the project because covid had already caused delays in the completion of the project.

The Minister for Transport made a whistle stop at Shama to familiarize himself with the workings of the Zeal company. The company which is a marine cleaning company took the Minister round their facility and informed the Minister they had the capacity to clean all marine waste at the various habours and have the capacity to recycle some waste products.

Hon Kwaku Ofori Asiamah showed his excitement in the huge investment that had gone into the putting up of the multi million facility being owned by a Ghanaian. He assured the company government would make sure the investment was put to good use so it does not go waste.

The Minister ended his tour at the Takoradi habour where he inspected the ongoing works at the port expansion site.

He was informed work had far advanced and the port was expecting their first vessel to dock at the expanded site by the mid of December this year.

The Minister congratulated the port authorities and the contractors for the level of work done at the site and encouraged them to go on with the good work so they meet the deadline for the project.

Speaking to some management members and staff after the tour of the site, he congratulated them again and urged them to keep monitoring the ongoing works so it was completed within the scheduled time.

He advised management to meet with the staff of the port to iron out all outstanding issues between them so that together they give their support to all the developmental works going on at the port.