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12th Nov 2021 | PR UNIT

Hon. Fredrick Obeng Adom a Deputy Minister for Transport, has said, Ghana has one of the safest and secured air space in Africa. This excellent safety and security record, he noted, was amply demonstrated when Ghana achieved the highest Effective Implementation score of 89.89%, in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Coordinated Validation Mission (ICVM) and was given the most prestigious award in safety and security.

Addressing the Technical Committee Members and Aviation Experts, at this year’s BAGAIA conference in Ghana, under the theme “The Harmonization of the BAGAIA Policy and Procedures Manuals”, the Deputy Minister stated that, the necessary frameworks were in place to ensure effective, efficient and safe operations of aircrafts and it was in the same spirit that the Banjul Accord Group Accident Investigation Agency (BAGAIA) was established to provide the necessary support to State actors in line with the ICAO regulations.

According to him, the Technical Committee's meeting was aimed at harmonizing all Member States policies, procedures and manuals, that require the best atmosphere and conducive environment to think, reflect and digest all the details.

He said, the Government of Ghana would ensure that the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation and Prevention Bureau, (AIB), was provided with the necessary support and policy direction to ensure it was well capacitated, strengthened and strategically positioned to perform its functions effectively.

“We would continue to strengthen our institutions to enhance the safety and security of our airspace. Certainly, there would be the need for technical support, guidance and directions, and we would therefore count on regional bodies such as BAGAIA is this regard”, he said.

Hon. Obeng Adom stated the country would endeavour to establish the necessary institutions and continue to build their capacity to ensure compliance with Regional and International bodies.

The Deputy Minister pledged the support of the Ministry of Transport and the Government of Ghana to providing the needed support to the Technical Committee in achieving the goal of their Meeting.